IronCloth Secure Mobile Device




Key Benefits

Unlike other solutions that attempt to protect consumer and corporate data on the go by starting with a hardware platform, adding an operating system, adding applications and data and then secure it with more software, which leaves the entire system vulnerable and increases the complexity.

Our approach creates a flexible and secure trusted edge device before the operating system or software even starts.
Our patented secure mobile device for consumers on the go delivers enhanced mobility and security for all their information anywhere across the globe without leaving a trace.

The IronCloth Secure Mobile Device is the Ultimate Next Generation Internet of Things Mobile device – Flexible, Affordable, and Secure.

IronCloth enhanced secure mobile technology helps companies creates a more agile workforce and saves support costs. Consumers can securely convert any IronCloth device to any operating system and profile on the go, and no configuration required. Gives consumers the flexibility and security of performing both personal and business tasks on one device and reduce costs. We solve BYOD.

Consolidates and reduces the number of devices required. Securely converts into various devices and functions (i.e. mobile office device, gaming device, shared device, etc.) on the go and no configuration required.

Improves opportunities for businesses with limited space. Allows consumers secure access to all their applications and data through any available device, anywhere across the globe, no configuration required, and without leaving a trace.

Integrates with Corporate Cloud and Virtualization initiatives(like Citrix, VDI, VMware,etc.).

Provides secure functionality in disconnected, intermittent, and limited communications conditions.

Reduce Corporate Tech Refresh and Migration costs. When companies tech refresh hardware; consumers can self-migrate to new hardware. No additional support required.

IronCloth delivers superior, light weight mobile device management (MDM) capabilities for businesses and integrates with the unique security posture and policies of their organization.

IronCloth – The most flexible and secure mobile device.