Our IronCloth Mobile Wireless Medical Technology Device

    Infectious diseases are moving across borders, becoming a global threat to our lifestyles, well-being and becoming a matter of national security for many developing countries. 

    There is an urgent need for a rapid, simple, cost-effective mobile medical device for screening multiple medical conditions for early diagnosis.

    Currently, healthcare providers and first responders must purchase and carry several single use medical devices or heavy medical equipment to diagnose multiple medical conditions.

    • For medical professionals and first responders,  IronCloth® is the first integrated multifunction handheld wireless medical device that can detect, examine, and monitor a variety of biological, meteorological, and geological conditions, as a standalone device, or transmit to the interface of choice for the end-user.
    • Reduce costs of medical equipment while improving the delivery of healthcare and patient outcomes.
    • Can be used as a secure collaborative consumption device and save even more costs.
    • Provides correct and timely response to events, for as long as required.
    • Provides interoperability with wearable medical devices and other device systems and provides plug and play flexibility with real-time medical operating system selection that meets a variety of medical project needs and use cases.
    • Supports pandemic and other emergency use cases; and provides secure functionality in disconnected, intermittent, and limited communications conditions(rural areas).
    • Future Ready.


      Our IronCloth Mobile Device for Business  

      For organizations pursuing mobile workforce enablement, access flexibility, and security; IronCloth® mobile business device is a cross-platform universal device that provides secure access to all your applications and data and runs a variety of market operating systems, on the go.

      Unlike traditional mobile business devices, IronCloth works like a secure ATM for your applications, data, and web services.

    • Integrates with various Enterprise resource access and management models and delivers optimization of business resources.
    • Provides the capability to securely convert from a persistent traditional desktop to non-persistent VDI desktop on the go, without leaving a trace.
    • Traditional workstation – Desktop as a Service(DaaS) – VDI endpoint.
    • Protects against malicious applications, spyware, and malware-based attacks.
    • Provides guests of Business Centers, Hospitality Centers, and Public use space with a console for secure access to all their applications and information without leaving a trace.
    • Supports Windows, and other OSes on the go, without leaving a trace, and no configuration required.
    • With an IronCloth device all you need is your  USB, Plug it into any available IronCloth device and you get access to all your applications, data, web, etc. and without leaving a trace.
    • Future Ready.


    For the security conscience consumer; our IronCloth® devices provides a security hardened device platform before the operating system or application even starts.

    Unlike traditional device platforms, IronCloth® provides the most flexible and secure mobile and wireless medical devices, and defends against malware.