IronCloth Secure Mobile Device Platform

Our patented innovation is the most flexible and secure device  platform, and prevents the spread of malware.

    Our IronCloth Next Generation Medical Device with advanced sensors

    There is an urgent need for rapid, simple, cost-effective medical devices for screening multiple medical conditions for early medical diagnosis.

    Currently, in order to diagnose multiple medical conditions, medical professionals must purchase expensive single devices for each purpose or carry heavy equipment.

    • IronCloth® is a secure, noninvasive hand-held medical device technology that can detect, examine, and monitor a variety of medical conditions, either as a standalone device, or upload information to medical databases via an Internet connection. Our innovation is optimized for doctors, nurses, practitioners, and first responders.
    • Reduce costs while improving the delivery of healthcare and patient outcomes.
    • Provides correct and timely response to events, for as long as required.
    • Designed for interoperability and provides “Plug-and-Play” flexibility for operating system selection to meet the medical project need.
    • Supports pandemic and other emergency use cases; and provides secure functionality in disconnected, intermittent, and limited communications conditions(rural areas).


      Our IronCloth Next Generation Mobile Device for Business  

      Organizations pursuing mobile workforce enablement face the same challenges that consumers have: The fragmentation of mobile platforms, and a myriad of application architectures, access flexibility, and security concerns.

      IronCloth® is a cross-platform universal device, which provides secure access to a variety of operating systems available in the market, on the go. Our product is optimized for business and consumer on the go.

    • Integrates with various Enterprise resource access and management models and delivers optimization of business resources.
    • Provides the capability to securely convert from a persistent traditional desktop to non-persistent VDI desktop on the go, without leaving a trace.
    • Traditional workstation – Desktop as a Service(DaaS) – VDI endpoint.
    • Protects against malicious applications, spyware, and malware-based attacks.
    • Provides guests of Business Centers, Hospitality Centers, and Public use space with a console for secure access to all their applications and information without leaving a trace.
    • Supports Windows, and OSes to Go, without leaving a trace, and no configuration required.


    IronCloth – The most flexible and secure device platform.