Secure Mobile Device



The IronCloth Secure Mobile Device is the Ultimate Next Generation Mobile device – Flexible, Affordable, and Secure.

Our Next Generation secure mobile device for consumers on the go delivers enhanced mobility and security for all their information anywhere across the globe whether the Internet is available or not.

With our enhanced secure mobile technology, consumers can quickly and securely convert their mobile device to virtually any operating system and profile whether the Internet is available or not. We solve BYOD.

IronCloth secure repurposing quickly converts into various specialty devices (e.g medical devices) with more dedicated resources on the same device.

With our enhanced mobility and security, consumers can move all their applications from device to device whether the Internet is available or not and without leaving a trace.span>

Our technology delivers businesses a multi-seat computing mobile device that provides consumers secure mobility and access to their unique desktop through a shared consumer device.

Integrates with other Corporate initiatives(Citrix, VDI, etc.).

Supports Pandemic and other emergency use cases.

Supports Future Tech Refresh strategy – Update device hardware and consumers can self-migrate to new hardware. No additional support required.

IronCloth delivers expanded and secure access to Applications and Services for consumers and businesses with limited space i.e. Federal Government, Schools, Hotels, Libraries, Internet Cafes, Hospitals, etc.

IronCloth delivers secure mobility for consumers to all their common applications and custom organizational applications that other similar mobile products are not able to support.

IronCloth delivers secure mobility and security for consumers in disconnected, intermittent, and limited communications conditions.

IronCloth delivers superior, light weight mobile device management capabilities for consumers and integrates with the unique security posture and policies of their organization.

IronCloth delivers enterprise level security protection and integrity of data in transit and at rest capabilities. If the IronCloth device is lost or stolen, consumers’ network and data cannot be compromised.

IronCloth solution is unique and will provide consumers with many benefits over all available and similar mobile devices and remote access business products.

The most flexible and secure mobile solution.