Pingsweep Technology, Inc. brings value to you as a Partner, by expanding your customer  and product portfolio with our products and integration services, and generating additional revenue streams.  Our staff of seasoned Solution Architects and Innovators  has more than 15 years’ experience in Sales, Design, Implementation, and Management of Innovative products and services for both Fortune 500 and Government agencies. Our management team possess in-depth functional experience in technology, product development, marketing of emerging products/technologies, strategic partnering, professional services, and corporate finance.

Our growing list of Alliance Partners:


AMD       Cisco    Comcast        Dell          EMC      Hilton     IBM         Intel       Juniper     Lockheed Martin

Microsoft         Quest            RSA



Pingsweep Technology, Inc. has a summary presentation available for serious investors interested in a position with the company.

For more information about the company and how you can Partner with Pingsweep Technology Inc. contact us at:

*This list may not include a complete or up-to-date list of partners.