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Our Company


Pingsweep Technology, Inc. is an Information Technology Solutions and Consulting firm, offering our clients innovative and expert IT solutions.  Pingsweep Technology, Inc. is a privately held corporation, headquartered in Murrieta, California. Pingsweep introduces businesses and consumers on the go with the most flexible, and secure mobile solution on the market. We are a reseller and technology partner for leading manufacturers of Computers, Peripherals, Software, Networking Equipment and Accessories. Pingsweep is a certified CPUC Enterprise

Our Mission


Provide US Federal, State, and Local agencies, and businesses with solutions and services to optimize their IT investment and achieve superior results. Our innovative and flexible solutions are designed to meet your unique needs. As our partner base continues to expand, we confirm our belief that our solutions can improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of any US Federal, State, Local, or other businesses, regardless of the Industry. It is also clear that our customers greatly benefit from the wide range of solutions that we’re able to deliver through our relationships with our integration partners. Through these third party relationships, we can deliver the right solution you need to further increase your business’ efficiency and meet your company growth objectives.

Our Vision


Forward Looking — Read the patterns of the World — Create innovative solutions that will allow users to be more productive and efficient in their normal day-to-day activities while providing robust, yet seamless security features.

Looking for a secure, flexible, innovative product for consumers?


Check out IRONCLOTH – the most secure mobile solution on the market.

If an easy-to-use, secure, and cost effective IT solution is on your horizon, contact us. We can demonstrate our value in a quick conversation that will have you asking “How soon can we get started?


Pingsweep Technology, Inc. focuses on design, implementation, and management of emerging technologies to provide leading-edge systems and resources to US Federal, State, and businesses to include: Systems Design and Integration, Legacy Business Systems Migration, Project Management, and IT/Help Desk Support.

Our Expert Services include:

  • System Design and Custom Solution Development
  • Secure Mobile Business Solutions
  • Cloud Service Model Options
  • Secure Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions
  • Network Design
  • Legacy Business Systems and Data Migration
  • Project Consulting and Management
  • Systems Integration
  • IT and Help Desk Support

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