Looking for Essential Secure Mobile Technology for Consumers?

Pingsweep Technology, Inc. is a Small Business Enterprise(SBE), Information Technology Solutions and Consulting firm, offering innovative and expert IT solutions. Our innovative and flexible solutions are designed to meet your unique needs. Pingsweep is a certified California Public Utilities Commission(CPUC) Business Enterprise.

Looking for a secure, flexible, affordable product for consumers?


Check out IRONCLOTH – Secure Mobile Device.


Pingsweep has designed a system that revolutionizes the mobile device and security industry. Pingsweep introduces the most flexible, and secure mobile solution on the market. Our Next Generation secure mobile device for consumers on the go delivers enhanced mobility and security for all their information anywhere across the globe whether the Internet is available or not.

Our IronCloth Next Generation mobile device for consumers on the go delivers Secure Mobility and Access for their Applications and Services.


Pingsweep Technology, Inc. focuses on design, implementation, and management of emerging technologies to provide leading-edge systems and resources to US Federal, State, and businesses to include: Systems Design and Integration, Legacy Business Systems Migration, Project Management, and IT/Help Desk Support.

Our Expert Services include:

  • System Design and Custom Solution Development
  • Secure Mobile Business Solutions
  • Cloud Service Model Options
  • Secure Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions
  • Network Design
  • Legacy Business Systems and Data Migration
  • Project Consulting and Management
  • Systems Integration
  • IT and Help Desk Support

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