Pingsweep Technology, Inc. is a mobile security and device innovations company.


Pingsweep builds, integrates, and manages advanced mobile systems and emerging technologies for US Federal, State, HealthCare, and other security conscious businesses.


Pingsweep is the solution provider for IronCloth® Next Generation Secure Mobile device for businesses on the go.


Pingsweep introduces the most flexible, and secure mobile technology on the market.
IronCloth Next Generation secure mobile device for businesses on the go delivers enhanced mobility and security for all their information anywhere across the globe without leaving a trace.






IronCloth® Mobile Security and Device Technology empowers businesses with the most flexible and secure mobile technology on the market.

Our Expert Services:

  • System Design and Custom Solution Development
  • Platform Diversity on the Go
  • Secure Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Network Design
  • Systems Integration

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